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With CRT SMS Tracker you’ll see all SMS messages sent or received on an Android Target phone, even

With CRT SMS Tracker you’ll see all SMS messages sent or received on an Android Target phone, even those that may have been deleted.

  • See Target’s SMS inbox and sent messages
  • Read full contents of all messages
  • See details such as contact names and numbers associated with SMS messages
  • Get time and date stamps

Why You Need CRT’s SMS Tracker

Are you concerned what your kids may be typing under the glow of the screen late at night? Do you need transparency over employee messaging on company phones? CRT allows you to learn the truth about any message, conversation or contact name. If you have concerns, CRT’s SMS Tracker feature will help you to confirm the truth. Don’t miss any more important messages.

Note : if you want to spy on a smartphone , you need to install CRT on the target phone and track it by your phone , tablet , or computer.

Step 1: Download and install CRT:


Step 2: Open CRT app and login/register with your email account.

Step 3: Login CRT Panel with your account on your phone, table or computer to track your monitored cell phone now:


Note: please waiting 15′ to upgrade data form your monitored cell phone.



You can see detail how to install at: install Mobile Spy Software

Delete SMS

If your Target is an Android and you wish to delete any of their incoming SMS messages which contain keywords that you specify then CRT and its SMS keyword feature is here to help. To get started, from inside your online account simply enter the keyword phrase that you wish to be deleted and then if they receive an SMS containing they keyword it will never appear on their device so they will never know that SMS existed.

  • Specify keyword phrases easily from inside your online account
  • SMS messages containing the keyword you set will never be seen on their phone
  • Control what SMS messages they see and do not see

Why You Need to Delete Their SMS messages based on keywords

Some 80% of mobile plans are prepaid, meaning users get an SMS alert reminding them when their credit is running low. Because CRT uses credit to upload captured data, such credit alert SMSs present a risk that the target user will do the math and discover your spying activities. To avoid this, simply specify the keywords that appear in the SMS you wish to delete. CRT will read incoming messages and when it detects your keywords will delete any SMS that contains them. The user will never receive such “nuisance” SMS messages again— and you’ll never get caught spying.

Spoof SMS

Spoof SMS is one of the most unique mobile SMS spy features you will ever find, anywhere! Available for any CRT Android Target phone, Spoof SMS allows you to send any SMS message directly to any contact in the Target’s phone book, or to any other number you choose.

  • Easily send an outgoing message directly from the Target, right from your online Dashboard
  • The SMS is sent directly from the Target to the defined recipient, as any normal message would. There is nothing to trace back to the originator of the message.
  • The recipient of the spoof SMS can be any phone number, whether in the contact list / address book or not.

Why You Need Spoof SMS

This is a powerful feature in gaining additional information from a 3rd party contact who may not normally speak openly with you. If the contact trusts the Target, this may be the key to your answers.

Or you may choose a careful opportunity to set up a discreet meeting when if you feel a confrontation is necessary.

Use of this feature may require some careful thought and timing. For more information about how to use Spoof SMS, see our blog post about it here :

Spoof SMS

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