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Corporate Cell Phone Management Tools You Can Depend On! If you’re an executive or business owner then you’re

Corporate Cell Phone Management Tools You Can Depend On!

If you’re an executive or business owner then you’re already aware that managing your business’s cell phones is a real headache. The absence of a mainstream, unfragmented and unshackled mobile platform has caused serious management and security concerns for many businesses.

For example, the small size and high mobility means devices can be used in complete privacy — increasing security risks like sending confidential or embarrassing information to the world using mobile social applications like Facebook or Instagram.

The ease of mobile connectivity to desktop systems using USB, Bluetooth or adhoc WLANs, makes it easy for a malicious or unaware employee to literally walk out the door with the ‘crown jewels’ — such as customer lists, software source code or financial statements.

Although employee privacy is to be respected, ultimately, the mobile device is corporate property, used as part of your business— and you are legally responsible for knowing what’s going on. There is no device management tool that can tell you this, which is why you need CRT application.

Unlike a management tool, CRT will let you monitor and archive all communications, locations and application activity that happens on your business mobiles or tablets. For example, you can read instant messages and posts from Facebook, Skype, LINE, SMS email and more. Know where all your devices are at any time by requesting and tracking their GPS locations. Find out what web sites your employee are visiting by knowing web history. See application activity, and restrict unapproved applications. Know when SIM cards are changed, when keywords are used or when prohibited areas are entered.

The most advanced of CRT can even listen to live phone conversations and record them, making it great for mobile based customer service.

Designed For Business

Unlike any other mobile monitoring product, CRT Business Edition was designed from the ground up for use by business actors, such as IT administrators, department heads, business analysts as well as individual users.

The admin interface allows the creation of roles based on permissions, so a system administrator will not see any user data, and department heads or data analyst are restricted to data from their own users. Larger businesses can upload their inventory of devices, SIM card and Users and licenses can be allocated directly to employees or device IMEI. If business rules allow, users can be given access to their own account data, so they can reconcile usage or review chat message histories and previous locations.

Maximize Your Corporate Cell Phones’ ROI

Lack of information & poor controls over corporate mobiles are causing your business to suffer both economically & operationally. CRT can help you change all that. Use it to:

  • Monitor cell phone usage in your organization at the granularity you need.
  • Backup & monitor phone data usage
  • Track your workforce
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