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Is Cell Phone Spying Legal?

When it comes to the topic of cell phone monitoring apps, there is one question that always springs to

When it comes to the topic of cell phone monitoring apps, there is one question that always springs to mind – Is cell phone spying actually legal? It is a reasonable question, especially when you look at the powerful features that the top apps actually offer, including GPS location tracking, call recording and SMS interception, to name just a few. With these apps, it is possible for anyone to access mobile and web browsing activity, even if they are not particularly technically minded. It can be done by both governmental agencies (just recollect the most recent hue and cry about the NSA wiretapping practices and Edward Snowden’s revelations) and single persons with the same ease. It’s difficult to imagine that this could be completely legal, but it actually is. However, there are some restrictions involved. Let’s take a closer look at the legal issues pertaining to cell phone monitoring spy apps, such as CRT.

Legal Uses for Cell Phone Spying Tools

First and foremost, it is entirely legal for a software developer to create and market a cell phone monitoring tool. The legal issues arise when it comes to how the buyer intends to use that software. Although privacy laws differ depending on where you live, the general rule of thumb is that you must own or at least be the bill payer of the cell phone or other mobile device that you wish to monitor. All adult users (i.e., employees) must be notified of your intent to use spy tools.

The only legal ways to use mobile phone spy tools are

to monitor your children’s cellphones, or to monitor company-issued cellphones used by your employees.

You need not inform your children that they are being monitored, as due parental control is your prime duty as a parent. But your employees do need to be informed. This is usually handled by a contractual clause signed by the employee when they are hired notifying them that they may be monitored when using company devices. If you do not inform the adult in question of your tracking/monitoring activities, then not only are you breaking the law, but your evidence will not be permissible if you take legal action. It means you cannot use the evidence to fire an employee.

Do Check the Disclaimer

Companies who provide Cell Phone Spying app do not have any control over what you use their apps for once you have purchased it. Therefore, they will usually have a disclaimer on their website which absolves them of any legal responsibility should you decide to break the law. This may not be made obvious but you will usually be asked to check a box confirming that you have read it, so do make a point of reading it so that you know exactly what you are agreeing to.

If you are looking for a Cell Phone Spying app, then seek out a reputable company like CRT and use your app responsibly and within the law. The above mentioned vendor abides by the law in its every move, providing one of the best spyware products at the market at the same time.

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