How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

I want to quickly cover how cell phone spy software programs actually work. It is important to understand

I want to quickly cover how cell phone spy software programs actually work. It is important to understand the process behind the scenes. This will give you a better understanding of the requirements and can help you figure out any problems you might have if it is not working correctly. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a technical inspection of the inner workings, just an overall view of the process!

All of the major spy software programs work in a similar way – their reporting and set-up may differ but the process is the same.

The Overall View of CRT Spy Software

You start by choosing the correct monitoring software – one that will monitor all that you need to cover and is compatible with the target phone and Operating System.

You download CRT for free and follow the download instructions. You download to the target phone and install the software on the target cell phone – the one you want to monitor.

The software is installed and configured and now when any activity takes place on the monitored phone it is recorded by the software – we call these the data logs. Exactly which activities are recorded depends on the software package you chose. you can see list of CRT Spy Features.

The data logs are then sent to the CRT Spy Software web servers – via a web connection! This is why an internet connection is needed. The data logs – all of the reports – are stored and presented in your own personal online Dashboard.

When you sign up for the CRT Spy Software you will receive a user name and password giving you access to the online dashboard. Now you can log on to the dashboard and view the reports. Below is a screen shot of the CRT Dashboard.


The dashboard is just a protected part of the CRT website where individual users can access all of their reports. You can view the information from any web browser using any device which has an internet connection – anywhere in the world. The data is stored securely online and only you, with your unique login details, can view it.

The Online CRT Dashboard

This is the hub of the system, where you can view all of the reports and configure your account settings. Once the CRT Spy Software has been installed everything can be managed using the dashboard control panel and you shouldn’t need to access the target phone again.

there are various functions you can perform using the CRT dashboard.

  • You can download the report files – including any recordings, photos, videos or logs – to your PC.
  • You can control the target phone via the dashboard with some programs – lock or unlock the phone, start recordings and even delete the software.
  • Manage your account settings including Gps Update Interval, Info Update Interval and more.
  • remotely track, record, and store all important data on your online account.
  • See when each photo was taken, Access photo logs straight from your Control Panel.
  • With CRT, you can track any Viber call and get access to all conversations made by your target.
  • Email Tracking feature allows you to check email history on monitored devices.
  • With CRT Contact Log Spy feature you can: Go through the phone-book entries of the target phone.
  • Track internet browsing and Look through the websites the target user has visited.
  • Apps Usage Monitoring allows users of the CRT to know which applications have been downloaded and installed on the target phone.
  • CRT Spy Software lets you Spy on their WhatsApp Messages. you can spy on WhatsApp conversations that take place on a phone.

Overall it is a simple enough concept – of course you can imagine the technology behind the scenes is more complicated. At the core of everything is software compatibility and internet access. These are the two things which can cause problems.


If your target phone operating system is not supported the software will not work. Remember that Rooting an android is NOT necessary for most features to work but a few advanced features do require rooting.

Internet Access

A good, reliable internet connection is crucial for the software to work to its full potential. Everything depends on the connection. If the target phone has no connectivity the CRT Spy Software can’t send the logs to the dashboard.

If you don’t have a connection you can’t view the dashboard. Sometimes this can lead to a delay in receiving the reports – so keep it in mind.

If you have any problems with CRT Software not working properly the most likely causes will be:

  • Incorrect installation at the start
  • Compatibility problems
  • Bad Internet connection

anyway if you have any problem, you can contact us on or on live chat on our website, and our support team will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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