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Spyhide phone tracker  is a powerful spy application that secretly records and logs SMS messages, Call history, Contact list, Photo, Web visited history, Apps usage history, ambient recording, social media tracking, remote phone controller, tracks GPS locations of the phone in real time and displays all recorded locations on a convenient map. The software will be installed into the phone that you wish to monitor. However, you have to have the target phone in your hand at least 1 time to download and install Spyhide into. All settings may be adjusted remotely anytime online right from your Online Control Panel. After the installation process completed, all data, even those deleted, uploaded to your private Control Panel account which is available from any PC or phone browser.

1- Download Spyhide from below link for FREE :

2- Install Spyhide Tracker on the target phone and follow the registration steps.
3- Now to see tracked data click on below link and login to your account :

Yes, Spyhide mobile spy is 100% invisible and stays hidden on the phone or tablet that it is installed in. It will not show in the installed apps list on the phone or tablet as well.

if you are sure the target phone is connected to internet, then do according to following instructions :

at first, dial #3333* code on the target phone, if the tracker opened then it is active, if not opened then you should turn off and turn on the phone and again dial the code.

and then read the below help page and do the instructions specially the “make application trusted ” section :

Spyhide currently supports any android phone and tablets with Android OS 4 or higher.

target phone needs to be connected to the internet, otherwise tracked information will be save on target phone and will be send to your account after first connection to the internet. A good, reliable internet connection is crucial for the Spyhide software to work to its full potential. Everything depends on the connection. If the target phone has no connectivity the Spyhide Tracker Software can’t send the logs to the dashboard. If you don’t have a connection you can’t view the dashboard. Sometimes this can lead to a delay in receiving the reports – so keep it in mind.

No, you should just install Spyhide tracker on your target cell phone.

you can use for FREE from Spyhide tracker for 1 week with full features, for more information please see the pricing page :  Plans & Pricing.

if you have a credit card or a debit card like master card or visa or american express …. then you can pay with that, just on paypal payment page click on the button “pay with credit card” or “pay as guest” in the below of the page, and then you can pay with your credit or debit card.
But if you don’t have credit or debit card, you should create a paypal account at first, then connect your bank account to your paypal account, then add some money to your paypal account and then you can pay with your paypal.

Yes, you can install and activate Spyhide tracker on multiple device by the same account and then you can see your devices in “My Devices” list in your Spyhide panel.

you must do this steps :

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android device, and scroll all the way down to Security and tap on it.
Step 2: Look for an option named ‘Device administrators’ or ‘All device administrators’, and tap it once.
Step 3: unchecked “wifi settings”
Step 4: remove “wifi settings” and “update settings” from your apps.

Keeping track of employees mobile phone usage, seeing who your children are contacting from their phones, back up your own phone data in case the phone lost or broken, tracking down the thief in case the phone get stolen are among the most popular uses of tracking software.
Reasons to choose Spyhide

  • Exact and live: users are able to see all activities of target phone 24/7 nearly real time, from the online control panel.
  • Effective: Spyhide is the most effective app available to meet the users needs, meanwhile, easy to use
  • 7 days FREE with full Features : Spyhide offers FREE 7 days account for any user that register in Spyhide Tracker.
  • Simplicity: the solution is super-fast and easy enough to be used by beginners and veterans alike.

this problem is relate to unstable internet connection on the target phone. Unstable connection will damage recorded files during transfer to your account. If you can check the connection and make that stable.

this problem is relating to low internal memory issue on the target phone, because of low memory files are damaged and you can’t listen to them correctly. if you can release some space on that.

one sided record problem is related to the target phone hardware and model, some of models don’t let application to record calls in 2 sided mode.

We do not record, store, transmit or resell any customer’s personal information. Moreover, Spyhide uses active security policies that ensure complete privacy by encrypting all confidential activity logs.

We provide 24/7 technical support to all clients. Our Support Team can be easily reached at [email protected] can also start a tracked support request by sending a message here . We will reply within 24 hours.

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