January 6, 2022

Failing to Ignore the Dangers Posed Online Could Put Your Child at Risk

To help you to keep your child safe when they are on the Internet or communicating with their smartphone or tablet computer, the parental control CRT...
January 6, 2022

How to Spy Call Recorder Android Galaxy S3 Phone ?

How to Spy Call Recorder Android Galaxy S3 Phone ? In today’s open society and open minds , open relationship ignorance somehow has crept through the cracks
January 6, 2022

Traffic lights in the floor for people glued to their phones

More and more people use smartphones and today going along the streets looking at your phone has become typical. To prevent tragedies, authorities install floor traffic lights.
January 6, 2022

Kid without ticket or ID gets on plane and flies 450 miles

The society is worried. A little girl managed to fly to another city without any docs. Parents, install CRT to see your kid's locations.
January 6, 2022

Facebook is going to launch a Snapchat-like app, Parent’s be aware!

Whilst Facebook, being the world’s leading social media site currently available, is planning to provide even more cool features, parents are being worried
January 6, 2022

Bullied kids are more likely to bully other children

The shocking results occurred after the survey on the problem of kids bullying conducted by anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label revealed the statistics.
January 6, 2022

Think your kid is safe? Know it for sure!

Think your kid is safe? Kids are getting prone to many issues like cyber bullying, untimely infatuations, wrong company, drugs and such activities. You...
January 5, 2022

How to save your child from bullies?

You might be a good parent to your child, but the main thing is to know them from deep inside. It is not mandatory that your kid talks to you about...
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