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10 Cyber Safety Tips That Every Parent Should Know

It is a difficult task to become a good parent. Today internet is the most evitable of human

It is a difficult task to become a good parent. Today internet is the most evitable of human life. There are several activities that you can perform sitting at home using the internet. Now it is a proven truth that every activity has some merits and some demerits. The same thing is also applicable for the internet use. Currently, the misuse of the internet is a common fact, and it is truly a matter of concern for the parents. So to put a full stop to the misuse of the cyber safety is very necessary. And parents should learn the cyber safety tips so that they can protect their children.

Being a parent is a very hard job. It gets even harder with our children rampantly using the Internet any time they please. Parents must be well equipped with the right knowledge in order to make sure that their children are not making dangerous mistakes when they use the Internet on an smartphone or tablet.

Here are a few cyber safety tips that all parents should know.

1. Talk about cyber safety so that kids can open up to you.

As a parent, you should take your time to talk to your kids about online cyber safety. There are a number of different items that need to be addressed. These would include how to behave while online, what kinds of information is acceptable to post or share, how to handle strangers online and even how to handle cyber bullies. Parents must understand these topics first in order to let their children know what to look out for as well. Parents should be on their kids’ side and look for ways to be helpful. Ask them about what troubles they have been facing online and try to assist them. Some children might not open up about the problems they are facing unless you ask them. Establish trust between you and them and let them know that they can come to you with the problems they are facing.

2. Set rules.

Setting rules is a good way for parents to protect their kids. When it comes to cyber safety, rules are very important. Knowing what is expected and what is acceptable is a good start in meeting expectations and using smartphones, tablets and the Internet in general in a safe manner. There can be tech free zones such as the dining area or the bedrooms where everyone can take a break from technology. Parents can also limit the time their children spend on the Internet on a daily basis so that overuse does not become habit-forming. Explain to your kids about these rules and let them know what to expect if they do not meet your expectations.

3. Make good use of parental controls

Parental control software such as Mobile Spy helps parents make sure that their children are not overstepping their bounds. These tools allow parents to control the programs their children use, limit the time they spend online and block inappropriate sites among many more functionalities. It is important for parents to learn how to use parental control software so that they can install them on every device that their kids use.

4. Be connected to your children online

Whether your child is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform or website, keep a close eye on them. Follow or be their friend on these sites. This way, you will be able to know what they are up to, who they hang out with and what the problem might be if they are in a bad mood. As a parent however, it’s not “cool” to comment online about anything they write. The last thing a child wants is their parent actively participating on their online conversations. Just stay quietly in the shadows and address issues in person during some quality time. Unless what they are doing is going to compromise safety, try to avoid making a big deal out of it.

5. Proper knowledge about the online dangers

Knowledge is the best tool to prevent ignorance and to provide safety. As a parent, your first responsibility is to interact with your children about the cyber crime and the safety. You should share your knowledge regarding the use of the internet. You should tell your son and daughter how they should share important information online, which information they should accept and which one they should not share. Also, you should address the proper way they should handle strangers. Befriend them and try to know what problem they are facing online. In a word, give a clear picture about the cyber crime, and they can affect the regular life.

6. Teach your kids the Stop, Block and Tell rule

Stop, Block and Tell is a simple principle that you can teach and remind your kids time and time again. Whenever they face any danger or receive threats, they should stop reading the content, block it and then tell someone about it. When this happens, the first person they can tell is you as the parent. If you are not nearby, you can tell them who they should tell instead. Stopping problems early is the best way to keep them from getting out of hand.

7. Try to understand the importance the safety of privacy

Every person and every family have some privacy. As a head of a family, you must desire to keep that privacy intact. Sometimes your children can mistakenly break the privacy. So it is necessary to make your children understand the importance of the privacy. Teach them which information they should not share online.

8. Use of spy apps

It is not always possible for a parent to monitor children all the time. So the best way is to use spy app, like The CRT.  Now a fact is a spy app is a tool which monitors the online activity of your children. Even it can limit the use of any dangerous app or can block an inappropriate website to control the online activity of the children. So it is good to use The CRT app in order to save your children from any unknown cyber problem.

9. Tech is here to stay. Embrace it.

It is important to understand that technology is here to stay. The technological world changes rapidly and it can be a bit of a chore to keep up with the latest apps or social media websites that are keeping our children entertained. Giving children access to technology can be a very positive and rewarding experience if they learn to develop safe and healthy habits with their Internet usage early on in life. Remember that as a parent, you are well equipped to lead your child in the right direction even in the Internet world where it seems that children might have the upper hand.

10. Tell your kids that unknown persons are not always good

Several apps are there through which you can create new friends. Now tell your children that before making an unknown person your friend it is necessary that you should understand the actual motive of the person. That means you should convey one true message that unknown persons can’t always provide you the actual identity.

The above-discussed tips provide a better picture about the cyber safety. There are several other safety measures that you can avail, but the above tips are very essential, and they should be addressed properly so that your children can be safe from any kind of cyber problems.

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